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A thought struck me today

A thought struck me today – don’t you just love the English language. It didn’t actually strike me, but it certainly felt like it. Everything is temporary, everything is just borrowed. All we have is the here and now.

I make a point of not getting attached to material things. I learned that lesson when I was young. One night our family went out for New Year’s Eve and when we got home we found that our home had been ransacked. They not only robbed us but drank our alcohol, and touched everything in the house. They even went through my underwear drawer. It was a violation of my privacy and they took anything of value that we had at the time. It was a lesson learned. You can replace jewellery, but you cannot replace a loved one.
You cannot replace the relationships that you build up over a lifetime. Those memories are to be treasured when you are alive on this planet. We cannot take any material item with us, so what is the point of coveting them when you are here. Material items do not make you happy.

They say time is fleeting. Everyone thinks that they have all the time in world to fix things that aren’t right within their lives. But that is just a fallacy. Life is short. It is but a blip on the radar. Do you want your life to be lived or do you just wish to exist and wait for the inevitable? For in the end we all pass on. I want my children to know that they are loved. I want those close to me to know that my time on earth was not wasted. I want to make a difference. I want to touch people’s lives in a positive way. When the end is near, I do not want to look back on my life with regret. I want to be surrounded by those people that I have connected with. That connection is what is important. WE are all connected. Material things can never replace that. Love is everything.


Only out of the quiet and stillness will you be able to hear.

Meditation – our lives are full. Full of clutter, full of responsibilities and full of the everyday grind. I share my place with 4 children so there is never a moment when everything is just quiet. Maybe when they sleep, aren’t all children just beautiful when they are asleep 🙂 I need to make a conscious effort to find some quiet time. A time to listen to my body, my inner self. It is called time management and that is a learned skill. Meditation is a perfect tool for listening to your gut feeling. Find some time and space for you alone. Sit quietly and focus on one thing and this will help to still your mind and shut out the everyday. It will still be there when you get back. No phone, no t.v and no computer. Focus on your breathing, on a mantra, a prayer, a candle, on a crystal – anything that will assist in your endeavor. I love to be near the water. If you are seeking answers, they will come to you.