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Clean up yuck duty!

My baby turned two this month and he is a gorgeous child (hey I am his mother), and all that comes with a two year old has now emerged. That does sound ominous. He is now insisting that he does everything on his own and has no problem saying the word “No”. So he gets food and drink everywhere and I mean absolutely everywhere.

He is climbing, well everything. And with that comes the inevitable falling over. I must admit he hardly ever cries, he just keeps getting up and soldiering on. He has a wonderful personality and is always on the move. He certainly knows how to tire people out.

Today he is unwell, a high fever set in yesterday and he has thrown up a few times since then. So apart from being ‘nurse mummy’ and giving lots of kisses and cuddles, I am also administering medicine, lots of water and on clean up yuck duty. 🙂

I believe it is due to teething. His back molars are coming in and this can be quite painful at times. He may also have a slight cold. It is amazing how young children can be ill one moment and recover so quickly the next. This is my third child and so I am not panicking about the high temperature, unless it gets out of hand. He is handling things quite well and is still smiling.

He brings me no end of happiness and joy. I love the role of being a mother. However, I know that does not define me. It is only a part of who I am. An extremely important and loving part of me. It does tend to take over and I then have to put other areas of my life on hold. I do not regret this as children grow up so fast. I stayed home from work today to care for him. My family is my priority and keeping a job to take care of him is a priority also. So it is difficult at times to juggle all of it. My life is in a constant state of change, one moment of experience moves into another and I have to roll with it. So being flexible is a great tool to have. Patience is a virtue. So they say.

I want my children to know that they are loved and have a safe place to call home. I am grateful that I can provide that. I am so grateful that we are all healthy, even if we get ill and that we have food on the table and a roof over our heads. It is more than many people get to see.

Sending out love, light and healing to you all. Especially sending out loving thoughts to those in need right now.


A thought struck me today

A thought struck me today – don’t you just love the English language. It didn’t actually strike me, but it certainly felt like it. Everything is temporary, everything is just borrowed. All we have is the here and now.

I make a point of not getting attached to material things. I learned that lesson when I was young. One night our family went out for New Year’s Eve and when we got home we found that our home had been ransacked. They not only robbed us but drank our alcohol, and touched everything in the house. They even went through my underwear drawer. It was a violation of my privacy and they took anything of value that we had at the time. It was a lesson learned. You can replace jewellery, but you cannot replace a loved one.
You cannot replace the relationships that you build up over a lifetime. Those memories are to be treasured when you are alive on this planet. We cannot take any material item with us, so what is the point of coveting them when you are here. Material items do not make you happy.

They say time is fleeting. Everyone thinks that they have all the time in world to fix things that aren’t right within their lives. But that is just a fallacy. Life is short. It is but a blip on the radar. Do you want your life to be lived or do you just wish to exist and wait for the inevitable? For in the end we all pass on. I want my children to know that they are loved. I want those close to me to know that my time on earth was not wasted. I want to make a difference. I want to touch people’s lives in a positive way. When the end is near, I do not want to look back on my life with regret. I want to be surrounded by those people that I have connected with. That connection is what is important. WE are all connected. Material things can never replace that. Love is everything.

It has nothing to do with you

I have been putting a lot of thought into how I am reacting to others in my life. I know that I cannot change how people behave, I can only change how I react to their behaviour. I fear that I have been living a little like a hermit, kind of trying to avoid other peoples dramas. I have been very happy with the peacefulness. There are some people that you should just avoid entirely. Those that go out of their way to make you feel bad. It is as if they need to do it to make themselves feel better. It has nothing to do with you. Thank goodness.

I am listening to my children laugh and having fun around me and I am content. Even though it is 11.30pm and I have to work tomorrow. I attended a belated easter lunch today with all the family and it was wonderful watching my two year old search for easter treats in the garden. It was such a lovely day and we all came home with a food coma.

I have been getting so much joy from my little one lately. He is nearly two years old and it is funny to see him trying to push through all the boundaries to test the limits. It is to be expected and I have so much more patience for him than I ever did with the older two. Older and wiser (maybe) and so much less anxiety the second time around. I am relaxed and it shows. My son is so laid back and happy. He is a joy to be around. He sleeps all night and eats well. Now just to get him toilet trained. 🙂

My heart is full

It is amazing what you can fit into one day. Albeit my only day off. But as a mother you don’t get any time off 🙂 Dropped one child off to school, attended some appointments and then took my baby to swimming lessons. It is only his third one, but he is already so confident he wants to go off without me. It brings me so much joy to share this experience with him.  Then it was home for lunch and a nap – for the baby, not me! The little prince decided to remove his nappy and relieved himself all over his cot. Oh the joys of motherhood. Had to strip the bed and wash everything. Then two more appointments all with baby in tow. So many times that I had to pull the stroller out of the car and put it back in and the baby too. I am getting muscles on my muscles 🙂 Then off home to put dinner on.  Followed by bath time. Playing with blocks and chatting with my little boy before I put him to bed. One of the highlights of the day has been watching my little one come out with new words – the latest one has been the word “mess” which he is very good at making. I have also been dealing with some issues regarding the baby’s father, but I won’t bore you with that. I am sitting here at the end of the day and going over my busy day. This is my ‘me’ time. I am focusing on my breathing and doing some meditation. My writing also brings me joy. I am doing my best to notice the little things, the moments that make up your life. My life is one long series of moments. The days go by very quickly. I want to savour those moments. I want to share that joy with my family. And to you also. We see so much despair in this world, I believe that these little moments of joy are worth holding onto. I want to send love, light and healing out to all those people who need it tonight. My heart is full. Blessings.

All you have to do is keep your eyes and heart open

I have lived through a couple of very difficult and stressful days. On the one hand I am very grateful for what I have in life. On the other hand I now realise how precarious it all is. All it takes is for one thing to go wrong and I could find myself out on the street with my children. A very sobering thought. I have worked very hard to build a life for my family. I have a mortgage and I work two jobs to pay for it. It was my choice to take on this responsibility as I wanted my children to have a stable home and not have to move from rental to rental (which we did for years). I went back to night school to upgrade my qualifications so that I could earn better money and I have had physical ailments to deal with. I understand that the universe only gives you what you can handle, but sometimes I do think – enough now please 🙂 Any parent will tell you that you wouldn’t even think twice about taking all of this on for your family. It is what we do. Yes we all have bad days. But I choose to focus on the positive. Bad days pass, they always do. On a lighter note, my little one is starting to speak now. It really is precious to watch these memories. I feel very privileged to be his mother. I wouldn’t swap it for the world. Life is miraculous like that. You can swing from terrible to beautiful so easily, even all in one day. All you have to do is keep your eyes and heart open. Love and light to you all.

She laughs to herself maniacally

Another day in the life…….Today I woke up tired, second night of no sleep due to this darn cold. I simply cannot breathe when I lay down. Was woken at 5am by the garbage truck. Woken again at 6am by the baby wanting his bottle. Then had to take my daughter to school. Couldn’t take my little one to swimming lessons today as we are both little sickies. So we went for a walk at the local plaza and had something to eat. He is a very determined nearly two year old and is testing all of his boundaries at the moment, especially in public. Can be trying at times, not so good when you are dog tired. We came back home so I could put him down for his nap. Went to heat up his bottle and somehow managed to spill the entire contents of the bottle all over the kitchen. I mean everywhere, floor, cupboards, splashback………….I even looked up at the ceiling. Oh well sh*t happens. I cleaned it all up and made a new bottle. He finally went down for his nap. I sat down at my computer and did some writing. Great, some quiet time for me. I updated my website and added some new free ebooks for anyone who is interested. Two hours later baby woke up and I had to go and pick up my daughter from school. We went shopping for some food for dinner. I made Puttanesca – apparently also known as Slut’s spaghetti – only I used ravioli instead. It was beautiful. I then bathed the baby and played with him until bedtime and put him to sleep. Now I am back at my computer writing to you 🙂 I am expecting another night of no sleep. By tomorrow I shall be a walking zombie. (She laughs to herself maniacally) That is the life of a working mum. Love and light to all.