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Clean up yuck duty!

My baby turned two this month and he is a gorgeous child (hey I am his mother), and all that comes with a two year old has now emerged. That does sound ominous. He is now insisting that he does everything on his own and has no problem saying the word “No”. So he gets food and drink everywhere and I mean absolutely everywhere.

He is climbing, well everything. And with that comes the inevitable falling over. I must admit he hardly ever cries, he just keeps getting up and soldiering on. He has a wonderful personality and is always on the move. He certainly knows how to tire people out.

Today he is unwell, a high fever set in yesterday and he has thrown up a few times since then. So apart from being ‘nurse mummy’ and giving lots of kisses and cuddles, I am also administering medicine, lots of water and on clean up yuck duty. πŸ™‚

I believe it is due to teething. His back molars are coming in and this can be quite painful at times. He may also have a slight cold. It is amazing how young children can be ill one moment and recover so quickly the next. This is my third child and so I am not panicking about the high temperature, unless it gets out of hand. He is handling things quite well and is still smiling.

He brings me no end of happiness and joy. I love the role of being a mother. However, I know that does not define me. It is only a part of who I am. An extremely important and loving part of me. It does tend to take over and I then have to put other areas of my life on hold. I do not regret this as children grow up so fast. I stayed home from work today to care for him. My family is my priority and keeping a job to take care of him is a priority also. So it is difficult at times to juggle all of it. My life is in a constant state of change, one moment of experience moves into another and I have to roll with it. So being flexible is a great tool to have. Patience is a virtue. So they say.

I want my children to know that they are loved and have a safe place to call home. I am grateful that I can provide that. I am so grateful that we are all healthy, even if we get ill and that we have food on the table and a roof over our heads. It is more than many people get to see.

Sending out love, light and healing to you all. Especially sending out loving thoughts to those in need right now.


Hey, it has to start somewhere, why not at home?

I have had a very busy week, I think I am forgetting what it is like to relax and have some fun πŸ™‚ However, I did make some time to watch a house full of kids whoop and holler through a game of nerf wars. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is a game of ambush using plastic childrens toys that shoot foam darts. And these “children” are all over 17 years of age. It was hilarious.

I have been putting some thought into my recently published book and organising some book signings and I am investigating what it would be like to attend a huge mind, body and spirit festival in Melbourne in June 2014. All new to me. I am still feeling my way.

The second draft of my script has been slow going. I think purely because it is all new to me also and I have no one to be a sounding board. It is very interesting though. A thoroughly different format for me to get my head around. I love a challenge. πŸ™‚

My baby has now begun to add to his vocabulary of words. The latest are: yes and no and he is sounding out everyone’s names. It is so cute to watch his little mind tick over. You can almost hear the gears grinding in there. πŸ™‚

There is something to be said for delegation. Especially when you have such a large workload in front of you. I have decided to seek the services of an arts student to help me complete my drawings for my Tarot cards. I have hand drawn all 78 of the graphics myself, but I need someone to pretty them up and make them digital for printing. I would truly appreciate any suggestions here.

I have been sitting here tonight marking tests for my uni students. I have been reflecting on how much I enjoy teaching. I enjoy making the time for my own children. Their laughter fills my heart with joy. My house is what you would call lived in and comfortable. It is never spotless with so many children around. But I would like my memories to be about fun times and not how clean my house was.

I have come to realise that my ability to involve everyone in the day to day family time in my house is precious. Everyone feels valued, as if they belong to a whole. We all contribute to our little tribe. I would not have it any other way. Even simple things like chatting around the dinner table every night is so very important. In this day and age when everything is moving so fast and technology is ever present. Communication – face to face – is an art that must never be lost. We all need to practice our listening skills. We all have a right to be heard. Hey, it has to start somewhere, why not at home? Love and light to all.


My heart is full

It is amazing what you can fit into one day. Albeit my only day off. But as a mother you don’t get any time off πŸ™‚ Dropped one child off to school, attended some appointments and then took my baby to swimming lessons. It is only his third one, but he is already so confident he wants to go off without me. It brings me so much joy to share this experience with him.Β  Then it was home for lunch and a nap – for the baby, not me! The little prince decided to remove his nappy and relieved himself all over his cot. Oh the joys of motherhood. Had to strip the bed and wash everything. Then two more appointments all with baby in tow. So many times that I had to pull the stroller out of the car and put it back in and the baby too. I am getting muscles on my muscles πŸ™‚ Then off home to put dinner on.Β  Followed by bath time. Playing with blocks and chatting with my little boy before I put him to bed. One of the highlights of the day has been watching my little one come out with new words – the latest one has been the word “mess” which he is very good at making. I have also been dealing with some issues regarding the baby’s father, but I won’t bore you with that. I am sitting here at the end of the day and going over my busy day. This is my ‘me’ time. I am focusing on my breathing and doing some meditation. My writing also brings me joy. I am doing my best to notice the little things, the moments that make up your life. My life is one long series of moments. The days go by very quickly. I want to savour those moments. I want to share that joy with my family. And to you also. We see so much despair in this world, I believe that these little moments of joy are worth holding onto. I want to send love, light and healing out to all those people who need it tonight. My heart is full. Blessings.

Sleep will do that for you

I had a few days off away from writing so I could recuperate πŸ™‚ I have finally caught up with my sleep and had a great time bonding with my little one over the long weekend. Sometimes you need to walk away from the pressure of deadlines and take a step back and gain a fresh perspective. Baby is just so deliriously happy when I understand what he is trying to say. He is having full on conversations with me in baby talk. It is just wonderful watching the facial expressions he is making. So serious. Ah it’s the little things that bring you joy. I have been a hermit for the last few days and I am now ready to venture out again. One more day off and then back to the weekly grind. I feel like a new woman, sleep will do that for you.Β  I am so grateful that I can spend time with my family, that I am healthy and can get a good night’s sleep under this roof. As I wonder through my home just checking in on all of my children, I can’t help but feel blessed. Love and light to you all.

She laughs to herself maniacally

Another day in the life…….Today I woke up tired, second night of no sleep due to this darn cold. I simply cannot breathe when I lay down. Was woken at 5am by the garbage truck. Woken again at 6am by the baby wanting his bottle. Then had to take my daughter to school. Couldn’t take my little one to swimming lessons today as we are both little sickies. So we went for a walk at the local plaza and had something to eat. He is a very determined nearly two year old and is testing all of his boundaries at the moment, especially in public. Can be trying at times, not so good when you are dog tired. We came back home so I could put him down for his nap. Went to heat up his bottle and somehow managed to spill the entire contents of the bottle all over the kitchen. I mean everywhere, floor, cupboards, splashback………….I even looked up at the ceiling. Oh well sh*t happens. I cleaned it all up and made a new bottle. He finally went down for his nap. I sat down at my computer and did some writing. Great, some quiet time for me. I updated my website and added some new free ebooks for anyone who is interested. Two hours later baby woke up and I had to go and pick up my daughter from school. We went shopping for some food for dinner. I made Puttanesca – apparently also known as Slut’s spaghetti – only I used ravioli instead. It was beautiful. I then bathed the baby and played with him until bedtime and put him to sleep. Now I am back at my computer writing to you πŸ™‚ I am expecting another night of no sleep. By tomorrow I shall be a walking zombie. (She laughs to herself maniacally) That is the life of a working mum. Love and light to all.

Today’s Reflection

If Melbourne’s weather is four seasons in one day, my day today has been a myriad of emotions in one day. My day went like this: wake at 6am to yell at my son for forgetting to put the bins out on bin day, then send him off to school, tend to my baby with his first bottle for the day, get him ready so that I can take my daughter to school as she is doing year 12 this year and starts her day early, we stop off for breakfast and I buy some swim pants for my little one who is starting swimming lessons today. I then go back home with my little one and give him breakfast and get him changed into his swimmers. I clean up after everyone and get changed and take my little to swimming lessons. I went into the water with him. He was very unsure but by the end of the class he was really enjoying himself. We get changed and go home to have lunch. I then put him down for his nap with a bottle. While he is asleep, I hop onto my computer and check out blog, website and facebook page and do some changes and updates. I pay some bills online. I put together a parenting plan and email it to my ex. That was an interesting exercise. I then go and pick up my daughter from school. When I get back I speak to my mother on the phone and then my baby wakes up from his nap. I give him a drink. I then take my daughter to the park so she can catch up with some friends and bubby plays on the playground. I then take him with me to go and pick up my eldest from the train station and go home again. I then bath my little one who reeks of chlorine πŸ™‚ I make him some pasta for dinner and it is a battle just to get him to sit still for that. Then it’s time to put dinner on for the whole family, a lovely chicken curry with rice. Everyone goes their separate ways and I spend some time with the baby playing and reading some books. He helped me to put a band aid on his boo boo….so cute. All thisΒ  before I put him to bed with a bottle. Finally it is time for me to have a long hot shower as I reek of chlorine too. πŸ™‚ That was glorious. Back to my computer to do some writing. Phew! And that is just on my day off. I work on the other days too. This is the life of a working single mother of three. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are a very loving and close knit family and I work really hard to make it that way. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Just reflecting on my day and I am really thankful to have this. Love and light to you all.