Monthly Archives: October 2014

Everyone is so busy surviving that they are missing it.

What is it with people today? I will tell you that they have had enough. Enough already. All around the world we are seeing them rise up in large numbers peacefully protesting about the injustices inflicted upon them by those in power. Never before have we seen such a mind shift in such a way. To effect change we have to be heard and we simply cannot be ignored in large numbers. They can not kill us all and they simply cannot make us disappear in such large numbers. We are not asking, we are demanding a change that is warranted. We all deserve to live in peace. We all deserve to have basic human rights to survive and thrive as loving human beings. It is not about the privileged few. It is not about the money. It is simple human connection. Something that seems to be lost in this day and age. We are not going away. Take heed, those in power; your time has come. Flow with the tide of change or risk being swept away with the trash.

I dare you to ignore your mobile phones for one whole day and in that time reach out and connect with someone close to you and then reach out to a stranger. Just think how much can be achieved with these small acts. Take a stand. Do not let your life be controlled by a gadget. Everyone is so busy surviving that they are missing it. I am so very grateful for my life, even with all the hardship.

Peace, love and light to all.