I can wait

Does anyone else have the feeling that I do right now? The feeling that something big is coming. That change is just around the corner. That this mundane life we are leading is just a precursor to something better. I really do believe it.
I have been slowly but steadily removing/cutting out anything from life that would hold me back. No more negative people or situations. It is as if I am clearing out the closet of my life to allow something new to appear. For some reason I am in a great place of peace right now. You would think that I would be impatient. I just know that things will fall into place at the perfect time.
I can wait. I know that it is going to be fantastic and I can wait. I have the rest of my life to celebrate that. I know deep in my heart that this is one of those moments in life that I am so happy to be aware of. We don’t always know what is coming and I for one am so excited to just be.
My heart and mind are open to all of the new possibilities. I am sending out love to everyone who needs it tonight. Why not share this awesome feeling with you all. I am blessed.


2 responses to “I can wait

  1. I’ve sometimes thought that true spirituality is about learning to be at peace in the present, without desire, or recrimination, or guilt. Sounds like you’re pretty close to that place.


  2. Thank you for your observation. Yes, it does certainly feel that way.


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