It has nothing to do with you

I have been putting a lot of thought into how I am reacting to others in my life. I know that I cannot change how people behave, I can only change how I react to their behaviour. I fear that I have been living a little like a hermit, kind of trying to avoid other peoples dramas. I have been very happy with the peacefulness. There are some people that you should just avoid entirely. Those that go out of their way to make you feel bad. It is as if they need to do it to make themselves feel better. It has nothing to do with you. Thank goodness.

I am listening to my children laugh and having fun around me and I am content. Even though it is 11.30pm and I have to work tomorrow. I attended a belated easter lunch today with all the family and it was wonderful watching my two year old search for easter treats in the garden. It was such a lovely day and we all came home with a food coma.

I have been getting so much joy from my little one lately. He is nearly two years old and it is funny to see him trying to push through all the boundaries to test the limits. It is to be expected and I have so much more patience for him than I ever did with the older two. Older and wiser (maybe) and so much less anxiety the second time around. I am relaxed and it shows. My son is so laid back and happy. He is a joy to be around. He sleeps all night and eats well. Now just to get him toilet trained. 🙂


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