One little gesture at a time

Today I caught myself doing it again. I felt myself getting pulled into the drama. The drama of other people’s problems or negative behaviour. I literally catch myself in the act and tell myself off. 🙂 You cannot control what other people do and say. You can control your own actions though. I choose to focus on the positive. I will not let others emotionally blackmail me. I have had enough of that for a life time. There is a lot to be said for child like innocence. A jaded perspective is not an enviable one. I love that my little son has that child like wonder about everything. He brings me such joy. I would rather look at life as a series of moments and memories. I wake up happy and I go to bed that way because I choose to. Yes, as a parent I certainly have responsibilities and worries. We all do. But they do not control me. It is natural to have your ups and downs in life. It is like a series of waves. In the natural order of things nothing stays the same. Change is natural. The saying – Go with the flow – comes to mind here. I do try, I am a work in progress. A lovely work of art. 🙂 Hey, nothing wrong with talking myself up here. Focus the positive inwards and outwards I say. You can change the world with an attitude like that. One little gesture at a time. Love and light to you all.


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