All you have to do is keep your eyes and heart open

I have lived through a couple of very difficult and stressful days. On the one hand I am very grateful for what I have in life. On the other hand I now realise how precarious it all is. All it takes is for one thing to go wrong and I could find myself out on the street with my children. A very sobering thought. I have worked very hard to build a life for my family. I have a mortgage and I work two jobs to pay for it. It was my choice to take on this responsibility as I wanted my children to have a stable home and not have to move from rental to rental (which we did for years). I went back to night school to upgrade my qualifications so that I could earn better money and I have had physical ailments to deal with. I understand that the universe only gives you what you can handle, but sometimes I do think – enough now please 🙂 Any parent will tell you that you wouldn’t even think twice about taking all of this on for your family. It is what we do. Yes we all have bad days. But I choose to focus on the positive. Bad days pass, they always do. On a lighter note, my little one is starting to speak now. It really is precious to watch these memories. I feel very privileged to be his mother. I wouldn’t swap it for the world. Life is miraculous like that. You can swing from terrible to beautiful so easily, even all in one day. All you have to do is keep your eyes and heart open. Love and light to you all.


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