She laughs to herself maniacally

Another day in the life…….Today I woke up tired, second night of no sleep due to this darn cold. I simply cannot breathe when I lay down. Was woken at 5am by the garbage truck. Woken again at 6am by the baby wanting his bottle. Then had to take my daughter to school. Couldn’t take my little one to swimming lessons today as we are both little sickies. So we went for a walk at the local plaza and had something to eat. He is a very determined nearly two year old and is testing all of his boundaries at the moment, especially in public. Can be trying at times, not so good when you are dog tired. We came back home so I could put him down for his nap. Went to heat up his bottle and somehow managed to spill the entire contents of the bottle all over the kitchen. I mean everywhere, floor, cupboards, splashback………….I even looked up at the ceiling. Oh well sh*t happens. I cleaned it all up and made a new bottle. He finally went down for his nap. I sat down at my computer and did some writing. Great, some quiet time for me. I updated my website and added some new free ebooks for anyone who is interested. Two hours later baby woke up and I had to go and pick up my daughter from school. We went shopping for some food for dinner. I made Puttanesca – apparently also known as Slut’s spaghetti – only I used ravioli instead. It was beautiful. I then bathed the baby and played with him until bedtime and put him to sleep. Now I am back at my computer writing to you 🙂 I am expecting another night of no sleep. By tomorrow I shall be a walking zombie. (She laughs to herself maniacally) That is the life of a working mum. Love and light to all.


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