Today’s Reflection

If Melbourne’s weather is four seasons in one day, my day today has been a myriad of emotions in one day. My day went like this: wake at 6am to yell at my son for forgetting to put the bins out on bin day, then send him off to school, tend to my baby with his first bottle for the day, get him ready so that I can take my daughter to school as she is doing year 12 this year and starts her day early, we stop off for breakfast and I buy some swim pants for my little one who is starting swimming lessons today. I then go back home with my little one and give him breakfast and get him changed into his swimmers. I clean up after everyone and get changed and take my little to swimming lessons. I went into the water with him. He was very unsure but by the end of the class he was really enjoying himself. We get changed and go home to have lunch. I then put him down for his nap with a bottle. While he is asleep, I hop onto my computer and check out blog, website and facebook page and do some changes and updates. I pay some bills online. I put together a parenting plan and email it to my ex. That was an interesting exercise. I then go and pick up my daughter from school. When I get back I speak to my mother on the phone and then my baby wakes up from his nap. I give him a drink. I then take my daughter to the park so she can catch up with some friends and bubby plays on the playground. I then take him with me to go and pick up my eldest from the train station and go home again. I then bath my little one who reeks of chlorine 🙂 I make him some pasta for dinner and it is a battle just to get him to sit still for that. Then it’s time to put dinner on for the whole family, a lovely chicken curry with rice. Everyone goes their separate ways and I spend some time with the baby playing and reading some books. He helped me to put a band aid on his boo boo….so cute. All this  before I put him to bed with a bottle. Finally it is time for me to have a long hot shower as I reek of chlorine too. 🙂 That was glorious. Back to my computer to do some writing. Phew! And that is just on my day off. I work on the other days too. This is the life of a working single mother of three. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are a very loving and close knit family and I work really hard to make it that way. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Just reflecting on my day and I am really thankful to have this. Love and light to you all.


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