We can make a difference

Do we adapt to our environment like many other species on this earth? Or do we go on destroying the only home we have? A serious question, but the answer is so very complicated. Easier to break it down into smaller parts. It starts with your environment. The old ways of our indigenous people was to work within the environment and to let it replenish so that it could sustain everyone. Hence, why they were nomadic. They worked with the flora and fauna. Today the population of this world is large and just getting bigger. Can this planet sustain us all? The world is getting smaller everyday. We need to connect with each other and work for us all as a whole. People have been fooled into believing that you are number 1 and everyone else comes second. When all the trees and water have gone, only then will people realise you cannot eat money. It is after all only paper. Paper that we have placed a value on. Just imagine what life could be like if we shifted that value to people. All persons on this planet are precious. We all come from love. We can make a difference. Let us be grateful for what we do have and work towards a better planet earth. Love and light to you all. 🙂


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