Bolts from the blue

During meditation, when all is quiet and your mind is still, you are then able to receive any messages that may come to you. I receive images. The last time I attended a circle. For those of you new to this. A circle is a meeting of like minded individuals who meditate together and connect and receive messages in a group. This is great for healing and spiritual development. It was a couple of weeks ago. A group of about 18 people that I had never met. We started by reciting a prayer and then went into group meditation which was guided by one of the members. During the meditation I was jolted wide awake. I looked to the open doorway and noticed a figure enter and point into the room. There were blue bolts of energy coming out of their hands that looked like lightning. I felt my lower back spasm with pain and then it disappeared. At the end of the meditation. I explained what I had seen to the others. Apparently one of the members walked out during the meditation as he had a serious back problem and left the room to ask his guardian spirits to heal him as his back was really troubling him. This is what I had seen. I feel I am very lucky to be able to view the spirits at work. We all have guardian angels. We can all ask them for help. They are just waiting to be asked.


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