A moment of clarity

One of the reasons I am so passionate about helping others and sharing my experiences is because of the profound change it had on my life to choose the right path for me and to actually walk upon it. No lip service, no excuses and no more blaming other people for my problems. I could so easily have let it beat me. I could have spiraled into depression, turned to drugs and alcohol and lashed out at everyone around me. Believe me sometimes I did. Then I had a moment of clarity. All of my focus was within and pushing out. All one way traffic. I spent years of my life where I did not actually feel anything. I did not live at all. I was so afraid of getting hurt again. Then a glimmer of light. I looked out and started focusing within. My spirit within was special. We are here in this universe together and we all have that special light within. We just have to let it shine. Once the door opened, that was it. That was all it took. I could never go back. I asked many questions and researched alot. I finally found the path for me and I achieved this elusive happiness from within. No one could take that away from me. I wake up happy and I go to bed the same way. No matter what life brings. Any one can achieve this. I really believe that. Love and Light to you all. šŸ™‚


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