I practice gratefulness everyday. I usually meditate before I go to sleep at night. I am a very busy mother of three children and I find this is the best time for me to relax and be at peace. After meditation I then focus on gratitude daily. This can be as simple as a good thing that happened that day or focusing on the great things you have right now. Things like your health, your families health, a roof over your head, food on the table, a job to go to, a car to get around in, a loving relationship, healthy and happy pets. Being grateful for what you have puts things into perspective. I had a serious back problem for 15 years that I was eventually able to virtually cure with a new procedure that became available 3 years ago, so I am thankful everyday that I can walk. My children are healthy and happy and I work very hard to ensure that they have a happy, safe and loving home to live in. What are you grateful for? This avenue is much better than focusing on what you do not have. It most certainly helps you to see the goodness in everything. Nice thoughts to fall asleep with. 🙂


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