Things that money can’t buy

*A happy family andImage home life – Just ask yourself, on your death bed, will you lament how much money you are leaving behind or will you regret the loss of your loving relationships.

*Security – money can be lost and it does not replace your health. It cannot prevent your death. What are your core values?

*Personal Contentment – Find the right spiritual path that will fulfill your needs. What are you here for and where are you going? There is more to life than money.

Happy people have an abundance of riches in their lives, but it is not money. Money is printed paper. It is a possession and you cannot have a connection/relationship with it. We can have that connection with the people around us, with animals, with nature. As human beings that is what we were born to do. Since when has the pursuit of money and the destruction of our home become more important than that.

Your spiritual path is about love. Loving your self, your life, your family and friends. It is about nurturing. No where in this world, in any culture or religion does it focus on hate, greed and death. We need only shift our focus just a little.

You can feel this change occurring right now. The conscious shift of thought towards peace and love. Everyone would have you believe that survival and the almighty dollar is all that there is. But that is simply not true. The connection has been lost because that is what they want you to believe. Those in power, the corporations and the war mongers perpetuate this myth because that is how they make more money. More money than they could ever spend in one lifetime.

We are the majority and we can effect this change. Just with one little step. Connect with other like minded individuals. We are love, we come from love and we can share this love until there is nothing else.

There, my daily rant is over 🙂 But I am very passionate about everyone finding the spiritual path that is right for them. We are all different and we tread our paths differently. But love is universal.



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