Cycle of life – Tarot

An interesting perspective on Tarot is the way it shines a light on the human condition. Things begin, things change and things end. It is a cycle. Understand that you are here to learn and to grow spiritually and that you chose this life. Focus on the positives. Reach out and connect. The same questions come up over and over about health, love, career and money. This is because circumstances change and so do you with time. You however, have control over free will. There are many possible paths that you can take but ultimately you will decide which way to turn. Do what you feel is right, that will be your intuition talking. That gut feeling I call it. When you don’t follow the right spiritual path it shows, you may feel unwell and you have doubts. There are no such doubts when you are following the path that helps you achieve happiness from within. Love and light to you all.


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