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We all need more of that

What makes you shine from the inside out? Is it a new hairdo, a new outfit, great makeup, a new sweetheart, helping others, enjoying your children and partner, loving what you do, being creative or a combination of things. You can tell when someone has that light in their eyes. They light up the whole room when they walk in. It is a feeling of joy, a sense of accomplishment and the knowing that they are on the right path. When you find that path, be prepared to be challenged, to grow as a person and to connect with other like minded individuals. Happiness from within that radiates out to the world. We all need more of that. πŸ™‚ For me that is my children, my writing, teaching and my spiritual pursuits. What brings you joy?


Today’s Reflection

If Melbourne’s weather is four seasons in one day, my day today has been a myriad of emotions in one day. My day went like this: wake at 6am to yell at my son for forgetting to put the bins out on bin day, then send him off to school, tend to my baby with his first bottle for the day, get him ready so that I can take my daughter to school as she is doing year 12 this year and starts her day early, we stop off for breakfast and I buy some swim pants for my little one who is starting swimming lessons today. I then go back home with my little one and give him breakfast and get him changed into his swimmers. I clean up after everyone and get changed and take my little to swimming lessons. I went into the water with him. He was very unsure but by the end of the class he was really enjoying himself. We get changed and go home to have lunch. I then put him down for his nap with a bottle. While he is asleep, I hop onto my computer and check out blog, website and facebook page and do some changes and updates. I pay some bills online. I put together a parenting plan and email it to my ex. That was an interesting exercise. I then go and pick up my daughter from school. When I get back I speak to my mother on the phone and then my baby wakes up from his nap. I give him a drink. I then take my daughter to the park so she can catch up with some friends and bubby plays on the playground. I then take him with me to go and pick up my eldest from the train station and go home again. I then bath my little one who reeks of chlorine πŸ™‚ I make him some pasta for dinner and it is a battle just to get him to sit still for that. Then it’s time to put dinner on for the whole family, a lovely chicken curry with rice. Everyone goes their separate ways and I spend some time with the baby playing and reading some books. He helped me to put a band aid on his boo boo….so cute. All thisΒ  before I put him to bed with a bottle. Finally it is time for me to have a long hot shower as I reek of chlorine too. πŸ™‚ That was glorious. Back to my computer to do some writing. Phew! And that is just on my day off. I work on the other days too. This is the life of a working single mother of three. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are a very loving and close knit family and I work really hard to make it that way. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Just reflecting on my day and I am really thankful to have this. Love and light to you all.

We can make a difference

Do we adapt to our environment like many other species on this earth? Or do we go on destroying the only home we have? A serious question, but the answer is so very complicated. Easier to break it down into smaller parts. It starts with your environment. The old ways of our indigenous people was to work within the environment and to let it replenish so that it could sustain everyone. Hence, why they were nomadic. They worked with the flora and fauna. Today the population of this world is large and just getting bigger. Can this planet sustain us all? The world is getting smaller everyday. We need to connect with each other and work for us all as a whole. People have been fooled into believing that you are number 1 and everyone else comes second. When all the trees and water have gone, only then will people realise you cannot eat money. It is after all only paper. Paper that we have placed a value on. Just imagine what life could be like if we shifted that value to people. All persons on this planet are precious. We all come from love. We can make a difference. Let us be grateful for what we do have and work towards a better planet earth. Love and light to you all. πŸ™‚

A whole new world

Tarot is a great tool for looking within. It helps you to ask the right questions and help you to gain a fresh perspective. I have been using it for about 20 years now and you still learn something new everyday. You will eventually lead up to asking the question. Am I psychic? I believe we are all psychic. We can all follow our intuition and interpret the messages we receive. Some people choose not to go down this path due to fear of the unknown or maybe they are just not ready yet. How do you know if you are ready to read these messages? You may already be doing just that when you get a gut feeling and follow it. Do you see images, hear sounds or just have a knowing feeling? Everyone is different, so we all receive these messages in a unique way. It is a muscle that needs to be exercised to become stronger and easier to use. You can practice by focusing on your breathing and doing meditation. You can still the mind and be ready to hear whatever comes to you. What environment is the most positive for you? Do you need to be near the water, in a garden, lying in bed. Does it help to write your thoughts down? Ever tried guided meditation? Ever tried joining a spiritual development course or circle? Find the right path to suit you. It is a useful skill and will only improve your life and that of others around you. It opened up a whole new world for me.

It will set you free

A person cannot change unless they choose to. A person cannot grow unless they choose to. It has taken me a long time to realise that in this life. Change comes from within. You can’t make someone do it. You can’t wait around hoping that they will. You can only hope in life to connect with people who are on the same page as you. People who will accept you for who you are. Love is the one constant. If you claim to love someone and then give up on them when times get hard. You never loved them to begin with. Be honest with yourself. Be truthful to those around you. That is not an easy path. But it is much better than lying and hurting everyone around you. There are consequences to your actions. It is much too easy to blame others and to have that victim mentality.

Which brings me back to – a person cannot change unless they choose to.

Forgive the one who hurts you, not because they deserve it, but so you can move on. It will set you free. Love and light to all.

WE all come from love

The world is getting to be a much smaller place. You cannot go a day without seeing what is happening to a neighbour. That means you Venezuela, Ukraine, Egypt and Syria to name a few. Peaceful protesting for a fundamental right such as freedom and then dying for it. No longer can we turn a blind eye to what is happening to our world. That is right, OUR world. WE are all in it together. The right to survive and live a decent life is for everyone. Each and every human life is precious. This is a blight on humanity to treat life with such contempt. WE are one big family. WE are all connected. WE all come from love. My heart aches for those who are suffering. Love and light to all.


I heard some great advice at my last circle meeting. When you are trying to still your mind for meditation, you can imagine a box and you place all of your thoughts and worries into this box and lock it with a key. This will allow you to focus on the stillness without constantly being interrupted by your thoughts. At the end of the meditation you can open the box and take it all back πŸ™‚ Many people use visualisation to assist. Some other ideas I have heard are: the worry tree that you can hang your problems on, bathing yourself in a protective light, putting all your worries into a backpack and then taking it off and placing your burdens onto the ground etc It is a personal choice. Whatever works for you. Does anyone else have any suggestions?