No more stop starts for me!

ImageIt certainly has been a very interesting journey getting to this place, you know self publishing my very first book. Firstly it is a privilege writing about a topic that I am very passionate about. I thought to myself, I have written it, now what do I do with it? It sat there for quite a long while looking at me until I decided, what the heck just try it and see. What could be the worst that happens? Steep learning curve is an understatement. Editing, formatting, deciding on a cover, graphics, type of paper, size etc etc etc I really enjoyed playing a role in every part of the process. So much so that I am now venturing into designing and printing my own Tarot cards. They are coming soon. Just looking for a great illustrator to bring my ideas to life. The drawings are in my book. In fact all the art work on my website is mine (including the cover of my book). I have a few stories in the pipe line and they all have a spiritual bent to them. Shopping around a movie script and looking to begin a project for a short film script I have completed. This year I decided to take action. No more stop starts for me. I really want to tell my stories and to connect with others. Who knows my stories may just connect with you.



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