The Right Path

My latest idea is partially based on real life experiences with a little imagination thrown in. Imagine changing your whole life because you can’t stand another day living the way you are now. You quit your job and become an artist much to your family’s dismay. And an intuitive artist at that. You know it is something you need to do. You visit a local spiritual group so that you can connect with like minded individuals. It brings you great joy. You meet some very interesting people. One day two young women turn up to attend some spiritual classes and something awful happens. You realize that they have been inhabited by evil spirits. You try to help. Strange things happen and anyone at the centre who is not protected is affected badly by this blackness. Eventually with the help of some experienced spiritual teachers you help these girls free themselves from the darkness. Along the way you learn alot about who you really are and what you are capable of. You are highly spiritual, have psychic abilities and understand that the path of love, light and joy is the one for you. You are finally free to leave your terrible past behind you. If you can do it, anyone can.


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