Dream Interpretation – Are you in it?

Usually there are three ways to interpret your dream, as in how close are you to dealing with the issue at hand. If you are an observer, then you are taking a cursory glance or maybe just beginning to look at a problem that you are not ready to face during the daytime. If you are in the dream, but you are not yourself, you are playing another character, this can signify that you are closer to coming up with a game plan. If you are playing yourself in a dream and are in the middle of the action, then you are dealing head on with the issue at hand.  Your subconscious mind interprets images very differently while asleep. That is why you see abstract images that do not make any sense, or you may have watched a movie last night and the characters show up in your dream. Keep a journal beside your bed and upon waking take down notes of what you can remember. This will help you to come to an understanding in time.


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