Dream Interpretation

I have been dreaming alot lately, or should I say remembering my dreams recently as they are so vivid in my mind when I wake in the morning. This morning was a doozy. There was a large double storey house clad in white. A group of teenagers converged on the house which was in pristine condition ready for a property inspection. At first they looked around. One of the boys started opening the cupboard doors and pulling out items and that was it. It was like an okay to go ahead. They started to vandalise the place. I just stood there helplessly and watched as the lovely home was trashed. Broken windows, everything was upended and jumped on and they even smeared faeces all over the staircase. What would make a person do such a thing? I remember the feeling of loss, all that good work ruined in one night with such disrespect.

Anyone who knows a little about dream interpretation would say that this dream represents my feelings about me and my life at the moment. Granted I have a very busy and stressful life, with a great amount of responsibility. The dream helps you to decipher how you feel by facing up to things while asleep in your subconscious, especially when you are avoiding these issues during the day.

I am thankful for my dreams as they are a breeding ground for original ideas for my writing. What do you dream about?


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